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Urgent Help!

Please if anyone reads this can you help me?

At this present moment my computer is being bombarded with viruses/spyware...etc and I don't want my PC to crash. I have tried to download programmes to help clean/destroy the viruses until i have money to buy Norton Anti-virus, but the programmes say you have to purchase them before they can clean the viruses...etc, but I don't have the way to buy online. I would prefer they would do it for free. Does anyone know of any FREE programmes that I can download until I purchase Norton Anti-virus next week?
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I use AVG free virus scanner. it's not great but it works.

you might want to start fresh. save all your files to backup and if you have your computer disk like Windows XP installer, or whatever, install it again. I do that when viruses eat my computer alive
Ooh, I think I might try starting fresh. But would have to wait until the weekend when I'll have more time and would be rushing. Would beed to find a disk to save my files to.
You should. It'll make your computer "healthy" and run a hell of a lot faster