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Do any of my UK buddies use NTL/VirginMedia for Digital TV and their phone? My dad has been discussing with me that Sky is way too dear at £41per month, plus with BT just for our phone line rental it is £38 plus our bill, but we hardly use our phone, so it's a waste of money paying 38 quid a month for a phone just to sit there in the hall or kitchen? 

I've been looking on VirginMedia's website and the prices look really good, but I always think maybe it's a take on...I have seen a digital package with TV and Phone for £11 per month because we haven't used VirginaMedia phone before. I only have VirginMedia for my computer Broadband.

If anyone has any information can you please let me know the best price plans? Just for TV and phone? Thnx!

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we can't get it here, but I wouldn't go for it myself because a lot of our favourite tv programs are on sky one, which isn't on virgin anymore, but if that doesn't bother you may be worth a try.
Thanks. I think my dad once we have it installed is going to ask one of his friends to get it 'chipped' or whatever, so hopefully we can get all the stations. I'm hoping too that we get it for my room as i hate it when my dad has control of the tv in the living room [i havent got a freeview box or anything in my room], so i can watch more entertaining tv than the drab that is on oridnary tv, lol. I'm fussy about what i watch!