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Do any of my UK buddies use NTL/VirginMedia for Digital TV and their phone? My dad has been discussing with me that Sky is way too dear at £41per month, plus with BT just for our phone line rental it is £38 plus our bill, but we hardly use our phone, so it's a waste of money paying 38 quid a month for a phone just to sit there in the hall or kitchen? 

I've been looking on VirginMedia's website and the prices look really good, but I always think maybe it's a take on...I have seen a digital package with TV and Phone for £11 per month because we haven't used VirginaMedia phone before. I only have VirginMedia for my computer Broadband.

If anyone has any information can you please let me know the best price plans? Just for TV and phone? Thnx!

Tags: digital tv, ways to save money
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