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Watching the Match.

Sunday was a real good wee day.

I met Angela at the Chapel and her dad drove us down to the Whitefort to watch Man Utd vs Liverpool - unfortunately the egits got beat 2-0. Anyway, Maria said Dee was going to meet us there and she would be down later. So Dee came a few minutes later and we sat for a while chatting then the match came on. Woodsy and Paddy came in and they sat beside us and Dee caught up with them on how they've been etc. Then Ronan and his cousin came in, followed shortly by Maria who was till blocked from Saturday night. lol. The barman poured out way too much vodka in her drink. It was crazy. Later Stevie came in and I have to say I wasn't anxious or anything at all. Then Christina came in about half an hour later. We talked about random things, jobs, where we were at the weekend, Maria's bday weekend, sex, just the norm.

I drank Magners for the first time and I have to say it was nice. Nicer taste than Miller. I was getting rightly and when I came back from the bar they were laughing and I heard my name being mentioned. I asked Angela what they were saying about. She mentioned that Stevie said that me and him watched porn in Christine's house last December. I was thinking, like so what? I mean I am an adult.

Later Dee sat beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. Maria kept saying, 'You better not be groping her!' But she was joking. He was nowhere near me! Then a few minutes later he started to move my head down towards his...lap. I freaked out while Stevie laughed his ass off! The perv! lol

Stevie was talking to Angela about something, not entirely sure. Then he turned to me to say that I shouldn't worry that he'll save himself all for me. *blushes* He was teasing and I don't even know why I still am hung up on him, as I know he doesn't want a relationship or anything. That we'll just remain mates.

Anyways, Dee left about 5 or so. Then about an hour later Stevie left for home and this time he did say 'goodbye' to me. Maria was god knows where! She was seriously out of it! I left about 8. Feel right to sleep once I head hit my bed. Overall it was a good day!
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