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...the start of the new football season hasn't went the way all Liverpool supporters had wished for. I was quite baffled when I saw the starting eleven. I mean...Kromkamp? [sp?] Where was Finan? Was he injured or something? *shrug*

I thought that Pennant[sp?] would have started on the pitch. Guess not. And where was Alonso? Huh? We had better up the ante on Tuesday night.

It's Linda's birthday on Thursday. But we're celebrating on Wednesday with a few drinks and a Chinese at Brendan's house, Susan says she will make some sandwiches and other munchies.

Last week at Exhibit...I know again. Hopefully, I will enjoy working in the Housing Executive. But I will still have to be on look-out for other jobs if I don't get this job permanently at the end of November.
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